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 Online Journal of Bioinformatics  

 Volume 13(2):285-313, 2012. 

Riboswitch as a target for Streptococcus pneumoniae


Somdutt Mujwar* and Kamal R. Pardasani


Department of Mathematics, MANIT Bhopal, India



Mujwar S, Pardasani KR., Riboswitch as a target for Streptococcus pneumonia. Online J Bioinform., 13(2):285-313, 2012. Riboswitch is part of mRNA present in the 5 un-translated region (UTR) that controls gene expression by initiation or termination of translation by binding a specific ligand to the binding site present in the riboswitch aptamer. Identification of riboswitches as a target for Streptococcus pneumoniae is described. ZINC19325791, ZINC19362650 and ZINC08652230 inhibited S. pneumoniae bacterial riboswitch SPB1 whereas ZINC01584497, ZINC03947435, ZINC13597738, ZINC01729525 and ZINC01871223 inhibited riboswitch SPR1. The framework might be used to predict riboswitches and design inhibitors for infectious disorders.


Key words Riboswitch, Ligand, Pneumonia, Drug-design, Inhibitor-design etc.