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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Established 1995

ISSN  1443-2250

Volume 19(2):208-213, 2018.


A theoretical approach to test possible interaction between DNA and in silico platelet P2Y1 receptor.


Arnab Mukherjee.


Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India.




Mukherjee A., A theoretical approach to test possible interaction between DNA and in silico platelet P2Y1 receptor, Onl J Bioinform., 19(2):208-213, 2018. Purinergic receptors are proteins that respond to sensitization by purine nucleotides to induce signal transduction pathways. The receptors are classified as ligand-gated ion channels (P2X type) and G-Protein Coupled Receptors (P2Y type). This work focuses on a purino receptor that is expressed greatly on the platelet surface as a high affinity ADP receptor to induce platelet aggregation. The receptor was analyzed in silico to determine if the P2Y1 receptor (which evinces a remarkable affinity for ADP) would respond to DNA as well. Although the receptor does not strictly fall into any known family of proteins complexing with DNA theoretical approaches showed that the receptor may be a suitable candidate for protein-DNA interaction.


KEYWORDS : platelets, purinergic receptors, P2Y1, DNA binding proteins, ADP, docking.