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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Volume 13(1):144-155, 2012

In silico analysis of rice and Arabidopsis spp. PIP genes.


Sweta Ramole1, Dr. Usha Chouhan2


1Department(s) of Bioinformatics and 2Mathematics, MANIT, Bhopal MP, India


Ramole S, Chouhan U., In silico analysis of rice and Arabidopsis PIP genes, Onl J Bioinform., 13(1):144-155, 2012. In Silico gene structure phylogeny, conserved motifs, intron/exon distribution and expression of 17 rice and 23 Arabidopsis genes was performed. Characterization of PIP genes by sequence tag expression profiling using MPSS signatures revealed 234 MPSS tags localized by OsPIP. Expression pattern using In Silico micro array revealed PROFX, PIP21, PIP 12 and AtPIP26 as highly expressed in plant organs and stages, indicative of a major role for water transport in plants. The results suggest that structural diversity accounts for the different biological functions of the genes. The conserved domain and intron/exon structure of the 40 PIP genes correlated well with the phylogenetic analysis and MPSS results correlated with microarray analysis and Genevestigator; The PIP genes may be involved in water transport in plants during drought stress.


Keywords :PIP, MPSS, Genevestigator, GSDS, ORF, TPM.