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 Online Journal of Bioinformatics 

Volume 12(2):387-394, 2011.

Prediction of 3D model of nuclear export protein of influenza A virus.


Deepti Khewariya.


Devi Ahilya University Indore, India.


Khewariya D., Prediction of 3D model of nuclear export protein of influenza A virus, Online J Bioinformatics,  12(2):386-394, 2011. The three dimensional structure of nuclear export protein of influenza A virus was identified from a structural database using homology and/or comparative modelling.  Based on the knowledge of the template, a three-dimensional model was predicted and processed to energy minimization, ramachandran plot analysis, quality assessment and deposited into protein model database.


Key-words: Nuclear export, 3D, Influenza A.