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Online Journal of Bioinformatics 

Volume 12(1):98-106, 2011

 Virtual human MEK1 protein inhibitors catechin and gw8510.


Vijayasree Potluri (MSc), Dibyabhaba Pradhan (MSc) and Amineni Umamaheswari (PhD)*


SVIMS Bioinformatics Centre, Department of Bioinformatics, SVIMS University, Tirupati, India




Potluri V, Pradhan D, Umamaheswari A, Virtual human MEK1 protein inhibitors catechin and gw8510. Online J Bioinformatics, 12(1):98-106, 2011. Identification of inhibitors of human MEK1 protein could be used to design drugs against melanoma. Virtual screening revealed 8 potential lead molecules which were ranked on XP Gscore and binding orientation that correlated with 4 known inhibitors. Docking results suggested that catechin 10.98 Kcal/mol and gw8510 9.91 Kcal/mol could be potential inhibitors of MEK1 protein.


Key words: MEK1, dual specificity kinase, docking, catechin, gw8510.