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Online Journal of Bioinformatics 

Volume 18(2):58-67, 2017.

In silico epitope for malaria protein subunit vaccines


D. Premnath, Indiraleka. M


School of Biotechnology and Health science KARUNYA UNIVERSITY Coimbatore Mepco Schlenk College of Engineering Sivakasi, INDIA




Premnath D, Indiraleka M., In silico epitope for malaria protein subunit vaccines, Onl J Bioinform., 18(2):58-67, 2017. Antigenic peptide epitope for a vaccine must be conserved across species and induce protection without eliciting a host-specific inflammatory response. Drugs such as chloroquine are of major concern as mutation of target antigens prevent effective therapy. In vitro, PvMSP-1 protein of plasmodium vivax is a target of naturally acquired and vaccine-induced immunity to malaria. We suggest that antibody responses to the repertoire of variable domains of PvMsP-1 to which subjects are continuously exposed are elicited only after several repeated infections and may require frequent boosting, with clear implications for the development of PvMSP-1-based subunit vaccines. We found five peptides that could have potential for subunit vaccine. An in silico epitope for malaria protein subunit vaccine is described.


Keywords: antimicrobial; PvMSP-1; plasmodium vivax; epitope peptide; subunit vaccine.