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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Established 1995

ISSN  1443-2250


Volume 22 (3): 189-198, 2021.

In silico phylogenetic, poly and non-structural protein analysis of Japanese encephalitis viruses.


Manisha Mishra1, Ashish Ch. Trivedi2 , VK Khanna1, AB Pant1, Prachi Srivastava2

1 Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, U.P, 2 Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Lucknow.




Mishra M, Trivedi AC, Khanna VK, Pant AB, Srivastava P., In silico phylogenetic, poly and non-structural protein analysis of Japanese encephalitis viruses, Onl J Bioinform., 22 (3): 189-198, 2021. Japanese encephalitis virus is transmitted by culex tritaeniorhynchus inducing inflammation of brain with mortality reaching ~30%, but 10 15% patients recover. Mosquitoes bite humans and feed on blood of pigs, birds and ducks. Viral proteins show a structure to function relationship. We describe In silico poly and non-structural proteins of Japanese encephalitis viruses JAOARS982, Nakayama. SA (V) and SA-14 strains. In poly proteins we got found POLG_JAEVJ, POLG_JAEVN, POLG_JAEV5, POLG_JAEV1, POLG_MVEV5, POLG_STEVM, POLG_KUNJM, POLG_WNV sequences in genome. We found non-structural proteins in Japanese encephalitis, Weatnile and Kunjin viruses. To determine evolutionary status amongst these strains, comparative and phylogenetic analysis yielded phylogeny alignment score of 375184 by multiple alignment, Tree view, ClustalW (1.83) & Clustal X (1.81). Non-structural protein viruses yielded alignment score 875 by multiple sequence alignment and Tree view. Our findings suggest these 4 encephalitis viruses are related by high similarity due to conserved regions amongst sequences.


KEY WORDS: Japanese encephalitis, viruses, Proteins, Sequence Alignment, Homology model.