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Online Journal of Bioinformatics İ

Volume 13(2):202-213, 2012

Mining fuzzy associations among amino acids of class A GPCRs.


Tannu Kumari and Kamal Raj Pardasani.


Department of Bioinformatics. MANIT, Bhopal, India




Kumari T, Pardasani KR., Mining fuzzy associations among amino acids of class A GPCRs. Online J Bioinform., 13(2):202-213, 2012. G-Protein Coupled receptors (GPCR) could be useful for drug development as almost 50% of market drugs target these receptors.  We report fuzzy associations among amino acids in class A GPCRs. The association relationships are interpreted in terms of biochemical properties, structure and stability.


Key-Words: GPCR- G-Protein Coupled receptor, EL- Extracellular Loop, IL- Intracellular loop, Cys-Cysteine, ARM- Association Rule mining.