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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Established 1995

ISSN  1443-2250


Volume 24 (3):135-144, 2023.

Neural network to detect rare events in DNA repeat sequences

Meena K, Menaka K, Sundar TV, Subramanian KR.

Bharathidasan University, Department of IT Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, Tiruchirappalli, India.




Meena K, Menaka K, Sundar TV, Subramanian KR., Neural network to detect rare events in DNA repeat sequences, Onl J Bioinform., 24 (3):135-144, 2023. Variations in genetic codes between intra or inter DNA sequences are associated with disease. Generating preprocessed input data may boost cognition and processing of neural networks. We report artificial neural network supported by numerically characterized input data sets for rapid cognition.


Keywords: Knowledge driven Artificial Neural Networks, DNA sequences, Numerical Characterization, Skewness.