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Volume 1 (19):25–34, 2018.

 Characterization and statistical analysis of gene expression in human X–chromosome, Xq22.1


Niranjan V1, Tamilzharasi V1, Rahiman BA2 , Mohomood R2, Kangesan P1


1Kuvempu University. 2SASTRA Demeed University




Niranjan V, Tamilzharasi V, Rahiman BA , Mohomood R, Kangesan P., Characterization and statistical analysis of gene expression on human X–chromosome, Xq22.1, Onl J Bioinform., 1 (19):25–35, 2018. Human X-Chromosome Xq22.1 is involved in XLMR, Fabry disease and cancer. Protein coding genes in Xq22.1 were characterized and statistically analyzed by molecular weight, class, localization and expression. We used the human genomic sequence to create a protein database for human X-chromosome, Xq22.1 by bioinformatics and experimental verification. We found 1098 protein coding genes on the X-Chromosome. Most transcription regulatory protein was found in nucleus and cytoplasm, and expression in testes. Nucleic acid and protein metabolisms, and signal transduction were prominent whereas phosphorylation was the only post translational modification identified in the genome. Protein-coupled receptor associated sorting protein had a highest molecular weight (156845 Da). Small muscular protein had lowest molecular weight protein-encoding gene in Xq22.1 (9560 Da) with 5 exons > or =172, 57, 84, 148, > or =422 bp and 4 introns (3639, 10410, 6052, 31134 bp) comprising 52.1 kb and preferentially and abundantly expressed in heart and skeletal muscle.


Keywords: x-chromosome, Xq22.1, Nucleic acid metabolism, Protein metabolism.