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Online Journal of Bioinformatics 

Volume 17(1):69-79, 2016.

Carragheen (Chondrus crispus) seaweed molecular marker database (CaMM-Db).


Jyotika Bhati, Tanmaya Kumar Sahu and Pankaj Kumar Pandey


Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Library Avenue, PUSA, New Delhi-110012, INDIA.




Bhati J, Sahu TK, Pande PK., Carragheen (Chondrus crispus) seaweed molecular marker database (CaMM-Db), Onl J Bioinform., 17(1):69-79, 2016.. Authors describe a molecular marker database (CaMM-DB) for Chondrus crispus (carragheen) derived from microsatellites and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP). Carragheen is obtained from red seaweeds Gracilaria and Hypnea spp and genome sequences are available. Microsatellites and SNPs molecular markers are identified from carragheen genomic sequences with ESTs, complete genes and contig sequences of carragheen from NCBI. CaMM-Db provides information on the type of SSR repeats, simple and compound microsatellites, along with the characteristic of repeats like size, region, patterns and type motifs to generate primers for wet lab experimentation.


Keywords: Databases, Red algae, seaweed, SNPs, ESTs