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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Established 1995

ISSN  1443-2250


Volume 23 (2):141-145, 2022.

Differential gene expression genome microarrays for brain tumor drugs.

Ravichandran S, Jeyakumar N


Data Mining and Text Mining Laboratory, Department of Bioinformatics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641 046, INDIA.




Ravichandran S, Jeyakumar N, Differential gene expression genome microarrays for brain tumor drugs, Onl J Bioinform., 23 (2):141-145, 2022. The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP), microarray database includes 20 published cancers. We undertook a meta-analysis of CGAP to identify brain tumor therapeutic targets over-expressed in cancer tissue compared with normal brain tissue. Digital Gene Expression Displayer (DGED) of CGAP differentiated gene expression of brain cancer from normal brain tissues by sequence odds ratio significance. We found 2298 up regulated genes in brain tumors subjected to ontology database (GO) to generated another 5 genes. We analysed enriched functional transcription of 75 genes by Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) to yield TCF7L1, RXRA, RXRG, RB1, and NFATC3 genes implicated in cancer pathways. We surmise these may be biomarkers for brain tumors.


Keywords: Brain tumor, Differential gene expression, CGAP, DGED, Biomarkers.