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Online Journal of Bioinformatics

Volume 6 (2):113-120, 2005.

DNA microarray model for computation of absolute gene expression level.


Xu, M.


Gene21st, 19 Belcourt Rd. Worcester, MA 01605, USA.




Xu M., DNA microarray model for computation of absolute gene expression level, Onl J Bioinform., 6 (2) : 113-120, 2005. DNA microarray technology allows massive hybridization of thousands of genes to generate high through-put DNA hybridization data. The data is compared to obtain differential gene expression and is input into clustering program to find co-expressed or co-regulated genes. A drawback is that the DNA microarray hybridization data does not directly represent gene expression levels. Transcriptional gene expression profiling studies only define gene expression levels and changes, and there is a gap between microarray data and gene expression levels. A method to acquire the gene expression level of each individual gene using a higher dimensional DNA microarray data model which allows the gene expression profiling on the basis of gene expression levels instead of raw data, is described.


Key-Words: gene expression, expression levels, DNA model.